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What do I write? It’s too bad that when a question is asked in writing that it instantly becomes rhetorical. This means that even if you have an answer for the author that it is likely he as either found an answer or taken some ill advised course of action by the time you read the question. In stories, I’m always nervous when a rhetorical question shows up in the beginning because you know that finding the answer is never going to be an easy proposition. In Lore Segal’s “The Reverse Bug” the question of how can we rationalize the horrors of the holocaust is presented early on and is answered through a very difficult, expensive, and harrowing process that requires taking apart the school and burying parts of it in the desert.

So, when I ask ‘What do I write?’ it means that there is going to be a long and difficult process before I reach the answer. Short stories? Novels? Memoirs? News articles? Office memos? I don’t know. But, here is what is going to happen. I am going to be writing. This blog is meant to promote myself as a writer, give myself a venue for displaying works, as something to¬† voice and receive response on my opinions, and probably a few other ideas will pop up along the way.

For my first post here, I’m going to link to my first published story. It’s a blog I had been receiving on my kindle and decided my writing was up to par for this. I’m not sure how many people read it or if I will try to submit to it again, but it’s a nice start I suppose. The story is RBI’s, a piece of flash fiction I wrote for a contest on I also submitted a version to ECU’s Scissortail Creative Writing Festival‘s One Page Literary Gallery and won a top prize for it. The original prompt was for a story to contain stripes, bottle, and a test. The story was typical, so I tried to do something in how I presented it. In the future, I may cut the last part out as it returns the piece to a very traditional abusive father story. I’ll be looking forward to the response on the site.

I plan on posting a new piece of work every Sunday morning and posting throughout the week concerning news topics and literary news. This week, I may retroactively respond to few things that have popped up recently (Egan/Franzen, Man Booker, Franco/Elliot). I’ll see you later this week and hope you keep reading.


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May 15, 2011 at 4:27 pm

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